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May 5, 2012

After an incredibly busy winter, we are officially an operating water buffalo dairy! Our first buffalo baby was born in March, approximately 12 hours after the completion of our milk parlour. Milking is going well and we are looking forward to more babies in June.

We also have a new human member of the family! Little Carla was born Feb 8th and the new Grandma is enjoying every minute!

The blueberries are now in flower despite the cool start to spring and the raspberries are leafing out nicely. For those of you who have purchased beef from us in the past - we no longer have beef cows and therefore no beef to sell. We sold all but 2 old faithful cows in the fall to make room for the buffalo.

So plan on coming out to the farm this summer to get your fill of berries as well as meet the baby buffalo and baby Carla!


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