U-Pick Raspberries and Blueberries


Our blueberry patch consists of about 300 plants which are approximately 25 years old and fully mature. Blueberry picking usually starts the second to third week of July and runs until the end of August, depending on the weather. We do not use a designated row system which means you are free to pick wherever you like.
The raspberries are normally ripe a week or so before the blueberries and have a shorter picking season.  As with the blueberries, we do not designate you to a row but we do encourage you to search for the berries. Raspberries are often hidden and you do have to look for them. We have a new section of Tulameen raspberries that will come into production for the first time this year.

Please check the website closer to picking season as we will post ripening updates and availability.

We only offer our berries as U-pick, we do not take orders, so bring buckets, your hat, some friends and come out to the farm for some family friendly fun!

Prices:  Raspberries $3 per pound
               Blueberries $1.95 per pound


Corn on the Cob!

Taste the difference having freshly picked corn makes!

We grow four different varieties of award winning sweet corn at the farm; ranging from early peaches and cream to later maturing solid yellow kernel cobs. The corn is usually planted in mid May for mid August to early September harvest.  We hand-pick the cobs each evening before the Farmers' Markets to ensure maximum freshness. Once we have picked all of the larger cobs, the corn is chopped into silage and fed during the winter to the water buffalo. You can purchase corn at the Farmers' Market or at the farm stand. Large orders are welcome.

Prices: $0.50 per cob

What's going on at the farm?

Beef Sides

All our beef halves and quarters have been sold for 2014, but if you are interested for next years beef, please leave your name and contact information at the farm.

Our beef is hormone and anitbiotic free, has been fed milk and grass and has never had any GMO feeds.

Hours Of Operation

U-Pick only Raspberries and Blueberries
Mid July - August 31st
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat - 8 am to 1 pm

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